Regional Mapping

Regional mapping activities in the Southeastern Wisconsin Region have involved planning agencies at both the regional and local level. The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, as the official planning agency for the seven-county area, has collected and prepared resource and planning-related mapping since 1963. Over the years, the Commission has acquired and developed a regional geographic information system of digital mapping that includes land use, soils, environmental corridors, and other spatial data essential to the planning process.

At the local level, every county and many city, village, and town governments in the Southeastern Wisconsin Region have developed digital mapping capabilities as part of their planning activities. These municipalities maintain a variety of maps, including topographic, real property boundary line (parcel), and planning-related mapping, for use in their administrative and planning functions.

Regional Map Server

The Regional Map Server is a mapping application that provides access to planning and resource maps of the Southeastern Wisconsin Region. A cooperative effort between the seven counties of the region and the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, the map server offers access to region-wide planning maps and orthophotography, as well as maps contributed by a number of counties.

Currently, the maps available on the Regional Map Server include:

  • Land Use
  • Environmental Corridors
  • Wetlands
  • Soils
  • Orthophotography
  • Municipal Boundaries
  • Parcel boundaries (provided by Kenosha and Racine Counties)

Metadata, providing detailed information about the origin, lineage, and content of the data sets, is also available for the map layers displayed in the Regional Map Server.

Open Regional Map Server

Links to Other Mapping Sites

A number of municipalities in the Southeastern Wisconsin Region maintain websites that provide access to maps, aerial photography, and property information.

Kenosha County

Milwaukee County

Ozaukee County

Racine County

Walworth County

Washington County

Waukesha County