All New PLSS Document Search Application

The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Document Search Application contains information about monumented PLSS corners in the Southeastern Wisconsin Region. This search application provides an efficient method in identifying monumented PLSS corner locations in the Region along with using a comprehensive database to deliver a built-on-demand report that is consistent in appearance of the legacy control station (commonly identified as dossier sheets).

This application platform offers two methods for finding PLSS corners and accessing report data. Users first can browse and locate monumented PLSS corners while interacting with the map in their browser or they can run a query using Township, Range, and Section values to seek the corner location(s). Using either approach, the user is provided hyperlinks that give access to reports from within query results or via map interaction.

The application provides three types of reported information available for each monumented PLSS corner: dossier sheet, Control Section Summary Diagram (CSSD), and historic dossiers.


PLSS Search App