Land Survey and Control Survey Documents

Search for records of U.S. Public Land Survey System (USPLSS) control stations (commonly identified as dossier sheets) containing information about the monumented corners of the Public Land Survey System in the Southeastern Wisconsin Region.

Also search for Control Survey Summary Diagrams (CSSDs) containing information collated and summarized from high-order horizontal and vertical control surveys conducted for much of the Southeastern Wisconsin Region.

These documents are Adobe PDF format files, and can be viewed with the Adobe Reader. Download the free Adobe Reader to view and print these land survey and control survey documents.

You can search for the land survey and control survey documents in two ways: by specifying the area of interest in Township-Range-Section-Corner format for a database search, or by identifying the area of interest on an index map. Either method will return a list of documents which can be separately viewed or printed.

Metadata, providing detailed information about the origin, lineage, and content of the land survey and control survey documents, is also available.

Dossier Sheets

A dossier sheet is a record of a USPLSS control station, generally a section corner, quarter-section corner, center of section, or witness corner. Each sheet contains an identification of the corner and a sketch of the station in relation to important features in its immediate vicinity as an aid to its recovery in the field. The dossier sheets also show all witness monuments and ties, monument coordinates (NAD27) and elevations (NGVD29), a surveyor's affidavit, and the land surveyor's registration seal and signature.

Check the status and availability of dossier sheets in the Southeastern Wisconsin Region.

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Control Survey Summary Diagrams (CSSDs)

These diagrams summarize horizontal and vertical control survey information obtained from the high-order control surveys carried out within the Southeastern Wisconsin Region. Each CSSD covers six USPLSS sections, and shows the location and type of monument for all section and quarter-section corners in the six-section area. The diagrams also show the coordinates (NAD27) and elevations (NGVD29) of the located corners, and grid distances, bearings, and interior angles of all USPLSS section and quarter-section lines, as well as the calculated acreage of each USPLSS one-quarter section.

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