This site was actively used over the period 2007-2011 as the City of Pewaukee and the Village of Pewaukee carried out a study to evaluate a potential merger. The study was terminated near the end of 2011. Links within the site relating to a Facebook page, submittal of comments and questions, and sign-up for email updates have been de-activated.


Pewaukee Merger Information Home Page

Dear Residents,

As the elected chief executives of the Village and City of Pewaukee, we believe it’s important to make sure all of our residents are aware of and informed about the possibilities of our two communities merging.

The information contained on this Web site is intended to keep you and all residents of the Village of Pewaukee and City of Pewaukee updated on discussions regarding this possibility. The overall goal of the merger effort is to determine if a merger would help make government more efficient and lower tax and utility rates for residents in both communities. An advisory committee made up of residents and local officials from the City and Village is studying various ways a merger might impact all taxpayers and utility customers, and we both think it’s important to keep you informed. This Web site will help a lot.

Your role in this discussion is important. We believe it’s important to provide you with accurate information and an opportunity to ask questions. Through this educational Web site, and a Facebook page, residents will have easy access to facts and updates related to the possible merger. This same information will also be available at the Pewaukee Public Library, Village Hall and City Hall.

Additionally, we plan to communicate with you via email to get information to you quickly. If you are willing to provide us with your email address, click on the link in the left-hand navigation bar. On that page of the website you will have an opportunity to sign up to receive the latest information about the merger activities. Be sure, however, to note the cautionary statement relative to Wisconsin’s open records law.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this effort.

Scott Klein                           Jeff Knutson
Mayor, City of Pewaukee         President, Village of Pewaukee