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Memorandum Report No. 124,

An Aquatic Plan Inventory for Pine Lake, Waukesha County

(12/1998, 56pp) (request this publication)


Memorandum Report No. 173,

An Aquatic Plant Management Plan for Pine and Beaver Lakes Waukesha County Wisconsin

(10/2008, 122pp) (request this publication)


Newsletter Vol. 39 - No. 1,

Commission Completes Survey of Passengers Using Watertown-Milwaukee Amtrak Service Extension

Operating Characteristics of the 1988 Service Extension; Survey Methodology; Survey Findings; Summary and Conclusion

Commission Elects 1999 Officers; Committee Assignment Announced

Land Use Plan to Town of Troy Completed (CAPR-229)

Pine Lake Aquatic Plant Inventory Completed (MR-124)

(3/1999) (request this publication)

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